Orchid Furniture

Orchid Furniture

At the heart of Orchid is a desire to offer captivating furniture, lighting and accessories to enhance the individuality of a home.

Orchid was founded in 2002 by Jemma Page & Mimmi Waugh, who believe passionately in offering creativity and innovation, without sacrificing the highest levels of quality and service.

The underlying style of Orchid’s diverse collections is essentially oriental, traditionally Chinese, however the more contemporary pieces simply hint at the Orient.

Jemma spent many years living in the Far East, and since establishing Orchid, both Jemma & Mimmi have travelled extensively through the provinces of China, learning about and absorbing traditional Chinese designs and influences. These trips have resulted in the development of collections designed by and exclusive to Orchid, all manufactured using traditional, hand-crafted methods in China. Long and solid relationships with traditional restorers and craftsmen have enabled Orchid’s Bespoke Service to successfully reproduce designs to suit the western home, using colours and dimensions suited to our trends and architecture.

Orchid’s colour palette offers a broad array of lacquer colours, or specific hand-mixed colours can be produced match the client’s own preference.

Increasingly, these designs and bespoke services are being used by substantial hotel & leisure, film and TV commissions as well as numerous residential and corporate interiors projects throughout the UK, Europe and the middle-east.

Every month Orchid is featured in several national Interiors magazines, showcasing pieces for “Get the Look”, and projects which feature products from Orchid.