We take great pride in our uplifting palette of colour & texture; we hope this will be inspire you to be adventurous with colour, to create a living space with flair, or refresh an existing room scheme.

Orchid’s lacquer is a hand-mixed using age-old techniques, passed down through generations, using materials which have a practical, resilient finish. Several layers of lacquer are hand-applied allowing each coat to dry, which is gently distressed for texture, before applying the final clear coat. Often, the edges are rubbed back to reveal the golden wood beneath retaining the hand-made nature of this very special furniture, making each piece unique. 

Inside every cabinet & drawer the smooth wood is then neatly finished with dark stain.

burnt orange

chinese red

Forest green

petrol green

Dandelion yellow

Tang blue

Dappled Blue

Peking blue



Cobalt Blue

Dove Grey

Flint grey